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Presented by State Library Victoria

Do we really need to know all the things that we are taught at school?

At first, I thought this was untrue. Slowly it dawned on me and I now realise that this fact, is actually quite true. How many people out there have decided that School is a bore and you don’t need to know any of the things you learn here? Well, part of that is true. Apparently, 98% of what you learn is a waste. I mean, we are never taught how to clean a bathroom, or easy ways to calm your kids. What they do teach us is stuff like mixing potions and Cartesian Planes and Gladiator fights. Like I said, I find these things really interesting. However, school does teach you cooking and business, like market days. Those are some of the good things included with school. As well as making new friends and socializing. Your future career also depends on school, so KEEP AT IT GUYS!!!